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Ukitsu  (于吉 (うきつ)? Yu Ji)

Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (visual novel, anime)(credited as Jack Cloud in the visual novel)


Visual novel versionEdit

Only appearing in the first game, he is Saji's partner and the one responsible for Sōsō's brainwashing and Shūyu's betrayal. Although his goal is to kill Kazuto, unlike Saji he doesn't do it out of personal grudge. By the end of the game, it is revealed that Ukitsu represents the force of destruction which terminates parallel worlds that are forgotten (in contrast Chōsen represents the preservation of parallel worlds). So by definition, Ukitsu is not evil, he is simply carrying out his purpose.

Anime versionEdit

A mysterious figure with great magical powers, unlike his VN counterpart, in the anime he is portrayed as being truly evil.
He gives the Chō sisters the magical book known as the Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace (太平要術, Taihei Yōjutsu), allowing them to create magical microphones in order to jumpstart their careers as idol singers. It is not known at the moment what his real motive is but it appears he using the Chō sisters to make the book gain large amounts of magic. When the Chō sisters reject the powers of the Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace, thus ending the Yellow Turban rebellion, he takes back the book from them before Kada could destroy it.
He reappears in Shin Koihime Musou Otome Tairan as an ally and adviser to Chōjō, who wanted to take power and rule the land. However, when she becomes no longer useful to him, he betrays her by slipping a potion in her drink and turns her into a rat (similar to how Kashin was turned into a cat) in a bid to take over the land himself. He then uses the magic gathered by the Chō sisters using Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace to awaken and control the first emperor's vast army of powerful terracotta warriors. With his new, seemingly unstoppable force, Ukitsu sets out to conquer the world.
Thankfully, everyone managed to stop this plan when they teamed up and fought the Terracotta Warriors. Ukitsu's life ended when Ryūbi plunged her sword into his heart, draining his power and turning him into nothing but sand.

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