Tei'iku Chūtoku  ( (てい) (いく) 仲徳 (ちゅうとく)? Cheng Yu - Zhongde)
Real name:   ( (ふう)? Feng)
Voiced by: Hyo-sei (visual novel, anime; credited as Elena Kaibara in the visual novel)


Shin Koihime†MusōEdit

Gi RouteEdit

She is first seen with Kakuka and Chōun saving Kazuto from the three bandits. The trio leave shortly before the arrival of Sōsō. She and Kakuka later reappears under siege when Enshō invades one of Sōsō's cities. Despite the city having only seven hundred soldiers against Enshō's thirty thousand, she refuses Sōsō's aid. Instead, knowing that Enshō would prefer a bigger victory than simply crushing a tiny force, the two decides to stays put and eventually Enshō withdraws her troops without a single fight. After Enshō withdraws she and Kakuka come to Gi court and explain that should Enshō choose to attack, the addition of reinforcements would make escaping the city much more difficult. Impressed with her insight, Sōsō recruits them as strategists.

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Shin Koihime † Eiyūtan Edit

Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei- Edit

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Sengoku†Koihime X Edit

It is stated by Kensuke that she was diagnosed with high-blood sugar and banned from eating candy.

Anime VersionEdit

Kakuka's companion who tries her best to keep Kakuka out of trouble, often cleaning up the messes she makes from her nosebleed episodes. She's a good ventriloquist, usually utilizing it on her head ornament she named Hōkei. She also seeks to serve under Sōsō as a strategist, and is accepted as such.



She is known for always carrying a lollipop, as well as wearing a puppet on her head which she speaks through using ventriloquism as though it's a separate individual, named Hōkei  (宝譿 (ほうけい)?). Laid-back and easy-going, she also has a habit of seemingly falling asleep in the middle of a conversation only to suddenly wake up and re-engage as if she's been awake the whole time. Despite her lethargic demeanor and eccentricities, she is highly insightful and perceptive as a strategist.

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  • In Moe Shōden she makes a direct reference to Phoenix Wright's "Objection!" during which she does a dramatic point while her head puppet also points while wearing a red necktie and having Phoenix's hairstyle.


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