Takenaka Hanbē Shino Shigeharu  (竹中 (たけなか) 半兵衛 (はんべう) 詩乃 (しの) 重治 (しげはる)?) is a character from the Sengoku†Koihime series, serving as a member of the Kensuke Squad, a group serving the Oda Clan.

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Shino is an honest girl.

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Nitta Kensuke Edit

She fell in love with Kensuke after Kensuke saved her from being chased, joining the Kensuke Squad. She sometimes becomes blunt and harsh when Kensuke flirts with other girls.

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Strategic Thinking: Shino is very intelligent, which she makes full use of as the strategist among Kensuke Squad.

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She has no fighting capabilities.

She easily gets tired, becoming exhausted from walking or riding a horse for long distances.

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