Takeda Hikari Harunobu  (武田 (たけだ) 光璃 (ひかり) 晴信 (はるのぶ)?) is a character in the Sengoku†Koihime Series, introduced in its first game, Sengoku†Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~, serving as the current leader of the Takeda Clan.

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She appears to have a similar personality to Ryofu Hōsen. She initially shows little emotion, but after meeting Kensuke, she starts opening up more.

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Nitta Kensuke Edit

Hikari considers Kensuke as someone kind and understanding. She would eventually become one of Kensuke's many wives.

Nagao Miku Kagetora Edit

Hikari and Miku initially started off seeing each other as rivals in combat, but after meeting Kensuke, the two become friends, viewing each other as rivals in love as well.

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Hikari can summon the souls of fallen soldiers from the Takeda Clan.

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