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Sonsei Yōdai  (孫静 幼台? Sun Jing - Youtai)
Voiced by: Yuriko Yamaguchi (anime)

Anime versionEdit

Sonken Bundai's younger sister, while appearing to be loyal to her queen and niece, Sonsaku, it is later revealed that she strongly disagrees with Sonsaku's war policies, which she believes will destroy Go and the Son family. In response she and a group of nobles collaborated to have Sonsaku assassinated and take over the throne, but the plan fails due to Sonsaku and her allies sending Chōshō to infiltrate the group and gather intel regarding the assassination. She and the collaborators are arrested.
In the OVA, she appears as one of the homeroom teachers of St. Francesca Academy, where almost all the characters attend.


  • Despite being Sonken Bundai's sister and the aunt of the Son sisters, she has neither dark skin nor pink hair, though her hair is a similar shade.

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