Sōjun Shiwa  ( (そう) (じゅん) 子和 (しわ)? Cao Chun - Zihe)
Real name: Rūrin  (柳琳 (るーりん)?)
Voiced by: Sawasawa Sawa (visual novel)


Shin Koihime † Musō -Kakumei- Edit

Sōten no Haō Edit

Son Go no Kechimyaku Edit

Ryū Hata no Taibō Edit



She is the most caring, warm, kind and sweet in the Sö family and maybe even in the whole series. She is dedicated to help others ad this is show in the fact that she developed abilities to heal, thought she seems to be the youngest she pretty much looks like the onee-sama in the Sö family always looking for her sisters-cousins, specially Karon as she is the one who needs her the most. Thought she is more like a healers, since she want to help other she developed a pretty good amount of skills and she is pretty good commanding troops. Her caring for her sisters-cousins may be too much for even her considering that she could put their own happiness over her own thought it may slowly consume her inside.

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