Niwa Gorōzaemonnojō Mugiho Nagahide  (丹羽 (にわ) 五郎左衛門尉 (ごろうざえもんのじょう) 麦穂 (むぎほ) 長秀 (ながひで)?) is a character from the Sengoku†Koihime series, serving as a retainer and general of the Oda Clan.

Plot Edit

Kensuke first meets Mugiho soon after the announcement of becoming Kuon's husband.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

She's kind and soft. She also doesn't like dirty places, prioritizing a well-cleaned environment.

Relationships Edit

Nitta Kensuke Edit

She initially refused to believe that Kensuke became Kuon's husband, acknowledging him only after Kensuke showed her his kindness and fighting capabilities.

Mugiho fell in love with him after fighting with Kensuke.

Mugiho also tells Kensuke that she was always worried about him and her heart always loves him no matter what happens to Kensuke.

 Skills and Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

Mugiho is fast, wielding her sword with sharp, precise attacks.

Weaknesses Edit

Mugiho can't swim, resulting in her being afraid of the river.

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