Nitta Kensuke (新田 (にった) 剣丞 (けんすけ)?) is the main protagonist of Sengoku†Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~, and nephew of Hongō Kazuto.


He talks about his many aunts and his uncle's house being full of Chinese items. He is the transported to feudal Japan by unknown means.


Appearance Edit

Bears a strong resemblance to his uncle, Kazuto

Personality Edit

Kensuke is similar to his uncle Kazuto, but Kensuke is more rational and he can adapt socialize fast with his squad and much people he meet. He looked down on his uncle for his various wives, but proves hypocritical through the various wives he got in japan.

He states he has trouble dealing with macho men, after a bad experience with Chosen.

Sexuality Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Swordsmanship: He received training from Kazuto and his aunts, resulting in him being significantly stronger in comparison to Kazuto at the beginning of their respective journeys.
Enhanced Intelligence: Compared to his uncle, Kensuke's intelligence is much more "polished", as he received proper lessons. As a number of his aunts are brilliant strategists/intellectuals, Kensuke learned from them and is capable of solving complex problems and coming up with effective solutions in response to whatever situation he's facing.
Various combat and survival training: Besides swordsmanship, Kensuke was also taught various other ways of fighting; he also had survival training which enhances his adaptability to situations he is unfamiliar with.

Weaknesses Edit

  • While well trained, Kensuke lacks actual battle experience.
  • He has a tendency to be brash and headstrong.

Trivia Edit

  • Being the main protagonist, he does not have character sprites.
  • His eyes are never shown in the original Sengoku†Koihime.


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