Luís Érica Fróis  (ルイス・エーリカ・フロイス?) is a character in the Sengoku†Koihime Series, introduced in its first game, Sengoku†Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~.

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Portuguese priest with Christian faith. She came to Japan to carry her faith to other cultures. Erica makes an alliance with the Oda Clan, thereby believing that she will come closer to her goal. Later it turns out that Erica was behind the scourge of Oni, since before the events of mainstream history she became obsessed with evil spirits in the childhood, because of what her family died. In the end she was able to remove the curse with Kensuke's help, but at the same time giving up her life, after which Erica went through reincarnation and met old friends as a new person.

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Erica is a kind and caring girl who cares for others and wants to bring peace and tranquility to all people. She believes that her Christian faith can help people at a difficult moment for them. After it became clear that Erica is obsessed with the curse of evil spirits, she immediately becomes a cold, spiteful and ruthless person.

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