Kiryuu Sonya (桐生 ソーニャ)


The Mysterious Church Sister 

With skin so pale as to be pure white, bright blond hair, and blue eyes, Sonya is a girl with a mysterious atmosphere about her. She is docile, serious, kind and polite in both manners and speech. One could say she’s a bit like an angel. She doesn’t talk much about herself, however, and may seem a bit introverted. In particular, she avoids talking about her upbringing. She’s good at listening to other people, though, and never complains about it. Not one to usually look anyone in the eye, possibly because she never really got into any kind of group of people. Perhaps that is why she hasn’t had many friends up until now. She is also a nun in training, and thus spends a lot of time cleaning at the local church.


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