Kataigō  ( ()太后 (たいごう) Hetaihou?, Empress He)
Real name: Reichen  (瑞姫 (れいちぇん)?)
Voiced by: Toyotaka Ren (visual novel)



In Koihime†Musō, she is only mentioned by name (as Empress He in the English translation) and is the wife of Emperor Ling. After the emperor's death she joins her older brother He Jin in hope of putting her son Liu Bian on the throne. However He Jin is assassinated by the opposing faction and Liu Bian is quickly overthrown.

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Sōten no Haō Edit

Kei's younger sister. Knowing Kei's personality, she can convince/order her to do basically anything she wants. Reichen and her sister used to run a butchery when the late emperor saw and fell in love at first sight for Reichen, and she wasted no time to take the opportunity. 

She likes to use her looks to seduce men to work for her but rarely even lets them touch her. She doesn't really care much about money or social status, but she hates the countryside and wants to live in capital/big cities even if she has to work in a butchery again to do so. After Kazuto repeatedly resists her advances she becomes really interested in him and actually falls for him.

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  • She is the only character whose title is changed from her original Chinese title.

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