Kan  ( (かん)? Han) is one of the factions in the Koihime†Musō Series. It serves as a faction that houses the leaders of the country during the end of the Han Dynasty. centered around the Emperor, and ruled over China until the splintering that resulted into the Three Kingdoms Era.

Technically, all factions served under this faction as retainers of the country up until the beginning of the Three Kingdoms Era

This is also the faction that Tōtaku and her followers belonged to.

Goal Edit

To maintain power over the country as the descendants of the Han Dynasty.

History Edit

Koihime†Musō Edit

Served as the predecessor of the Three Kingdoms Era. After Reitei's death in the Visual Novel, he was replaced by Tōtaku as the primary leader that manages the capital. The White Clothed Army that serves as the Visual Novel's antagonists, however, spread malicious rumors of Tōtaku's supposed dictatorship, and would become the catalyst for the Anti-Tōtaku Alliance that would mark the end of the Imperial Kan.

In the aftermath of the Anti-Tōtaku Alliance, the faction is dissolved into the other factions, notably Tōtaku, Kaku, and Ryofu joining the Faction serving Kazuto, and Chōryō Bun'en joining Gi.

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Location Edit

This faction covers the entire kingdom of 3rd Century China, with the capital of Rakuyō being the seat of the emperor.

Members Edit

Imperial Kan Edit

Name Position Remarks
Reitei Leader Eventually joins Shoku
Kentei Princess Eventually joins Shoku
Kashin Suikō General Eventually joins Gi
Kataigō Wife of the Emperor Eventually joins Gi
Chōchū Strategist Eventually joins Shoku
Kōhosū Gishin General Eventually joins Shoku
Roshoku Shikan Strategist Eventually joins Shoku

Tō (董 Dong) Edit

Name Position Remarks
Tōtaku Chūei Leader After the events of the Anti-Tōtaku Alliance, joins Shoku (Hongō Faction in Koihime†Musō)
Kaku Bunwa Strategist After the events of the Anti-Tōtaku Alliance, joins Shoku (Hongō Faction in Koihime†Musō)
Ryofu Hōsen General After the events of the Anti-Tōtaku Alliance, joins the Hongō Faction in Koihime†Musō, wanders but eventually joins Shoku in Shin Koihime†Musō.
Chinkyū Kōdai Strategist After the events of the Anti-Tōtaku Alliance, follows Ryofu
Chōryō Bun'en General After her defeat during the Battle at Korō Gate, joins Gi
Kayū General Dies in Koihime†Musō, becomes a wandering general in Shin Koihime†Musō

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