Aniki  (アニキ Aniki?), Midget  (チビ Chibi?), & Fatso  (デブ Debu?)


Visual Novel VersionEdit

Trio of bandits from the Yellow Turbans. They appeared when Kazuto gets into an alternate dimension to rob him. However, they failed because they were defeated by Kan'u Unchō.

Anime VersionEdit

They appear as at the beginning of the first novel. However, they are going to rob Kan'u herself, but here she defeats them.




  • In the VN their sprite are used to represent other unrelated minor antagonists (those with dialogue, e.g. street thugs).
    • The anime follows suit by making the trio take the role of every minor antagonist. However, unlike the VN, whether it's indeed the same people every time remains unclear in the anime.

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