Jokō Kōmei ( (じょ) (こう) 公明 (こうめい)? Xu Huang - Gongming)
Real name: Shanfū (香風 (しゃんふー)?)
Voiced by: Fujisaki Usa (visual novel)


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Shanfū first meets Kazuto when she notices that he falls from the sky and fell directly at her, because of what happened, she briefly lost consciousness. She used to live in a city where the regent was corrupt and didn't care about people. That place was dangerous so she had to learn to defend herself. One day she saw birds flying freely and became envious, she also wanted to fly. Shortly after leaving the city with Sei, Rin and , Kazuto falls from the sky right on Shanfū. She quickly gets attached to him as she believes he knows how to fly.

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