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Gotsutotsukotsu  (兀突骨? , Wu Tugu)
Voiced by: Yuuna Inamura (anime)


A Nanban barbarian who appears and tries to make several failed assassination attempts on Gien. She later confronts Gien directly with a group of her allies but fails yet again due to Batai coming to Gien's aid. The reason behind her attempts on Gien's life was that during one of Gengan's martial arts tournaments, her older sister received a deep wound from Gien and later died from it. Gotsutotsukotsu believes that, as her sister was very strong, Gien must have cheated. Batai, having fought Gien several times herself, asserts that Gien won the duel fairly because her aura does not emit any wickedness. Gotsutotsukotsu concedes this, but is still bitter over her sister's death, so she claims that she'll become stronger have her revenge someday. She is last seen running back into a forest.
She appears in the third OVA with a non-speaking role, first seen helping her sister set up the entrance for St. Francesca Academy's Culture Festival and again refereeing the janken match between Chōun (as Kachō Kamen) and Gien.

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  • While her counterpart in the historical novel was a king, she is not shown to possess that level of status in the anime.

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