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Chōsen  (貂蝉 (ちょうせん)? Diao Chan)
Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto (PC and OVA)


Visual novel versionEdit

Chōsen is a big, muscular, bald and pigtailed man wearing a thong in contrast to the legendary beauty from the historical novel. He is first introduced saving Kazuto from a strange group of white-hooded men.
He often shows interest in Kazuto, much to his dismay and disgust. Even the great Sōsō and her mighty subordinates are completely terrified of his presence. He plays a major role in supporting Kazuto in the storyline.
In Shin Koihime Musō, he only appears in a special campaign that's unlocked after completing the campaigns of the three warring factions.
In Shin Koihime†Eiyūtan, his face makes a cameo in the form of an urn in the opening of Gi chapter; he does not make any appearances in the actual story.

 Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei- Edit

Souten no Haou Edit

Son Go no Kechimyaku Edit

Ryū Hata no Taibō Edit

Anime versionEdit

Chōsen makes several cameo appearances throughout the anime.
He receives major screen-time in the OVA where he is the school's principal. At first he appears serious, but then he rips his clothes off and displays his flamboyancy. He was about to kiss Reiha at the end of the OVA after she won the position as student council president, much to the latter's horror.



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